Saturday, October 4, 2008

yeh well it was my uncle and you know what why wasnt the "WITNESS" to the act there to show his respects at the veiwing today, he is supposed to be like family. As you read in the articles he was there helping the "WITNESS" the only guy he knew in Mendicino Co. he was away from his "REAL" family here in Sacramento! All I wonder is why the so called "WITNESS" wasnt at the hospitol with him now if your "FRIEND" let me remind you so called good family friend was shot or let me rephrease that shot themself at your house away from his family would you be by their side at all times if you have nothing to do with it? I know I would but you know what who cares what was found there, that is besides the point the point is none of us know the real story. My problem is this is not the 1st uncle they say engaged in an act of RUSSIAN ROULTETTE its rediculous and not right our family will never have closure

[ comments from the Ukiah Daily Journal ]
[ earlier coverage of the Raymond Harold Gage shooting ]

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